Wood R4i V1.45 upated for R4i-Gold Pro

05 Mar released the lasted R4i Gold firmware – Wood R4i V1.45 for R4i Gold Pro Cards.

R4I-GOLD PRO kernel wood 1.45

New game list:

  • 5983 Lernerfolg Vorschule Captn Sharky (GE)
  • 5982 Jewel Master Cradle of Persia (EU)
  • 5981 Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut (EU)
  • 5980 Grundschule 1 to 4 Klasse Fit furs Gymnasium 2012 (GE)
  • 5979 + 5568 Greatest Casual Collection V1.1 (EU)
  • XXXX Pixeline goes to London Skolehjaelp Engelsk (DN)
  • XXXX Pixeline Jungkeskatten (DN)
  • XXXX Flunkerne Pirater (DN)
  • 5978 Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle (EU)
  • XXXX Eggheads (EU)
  • 5977SpongeBob SquarePants Boating Bash (SP) (DSi Enhanced)
  • 5976 Lingo Deluxe (NL)
  • XXXX Puzzler World 2012 (EU)
  • 5975 Allez Raconte (FR)
  • 5974 Marie Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki (EU)
  • 5973 Les Nouvelles Aventures de Tchoupi (FR)

Download: Wood R4i Firmware V1.45


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