R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C Download

R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C released by on 20th Dec, 2011.

The R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C allow you to play both multimedia fuctions (such as video , Music ,ebook .. ) and Games.( The newest Wood R4 firmware V1.42 included)

FAQ about R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C

Q: How to play mp3 music
A: Just copy mp3 files to your tf card and enter audio. Choose a mp3 file and press KEY_A.

Q: How to show the lyric of the muisc
A: Please download *.lrc file of the mp3 and copy it to your tf card. When that mp3 file is played, the lyric will be showed according to the rhythm.

Q: How to play dpg movies
A: Just copy dpg files to your tf card and enter video. Choose a dpg file and press KEY_A.

Q: How to play nds games
A: Just copy *.nds files to your tf card and enter game. WOOD R4 will be booted up.

Q: How to go back to the main menu for WOOD R4
A: Click “start” menu and choose return


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R4i Gold Plus Passed 3DS V3.0.0-6 system update

R4i Gold Plus support Nintendo 3DS the lasted Firmware 3.0.0-6  (22-12-2011) has confirmed the R4i Gold Plus support 3DS V3.0.0-6 after Nintendo had released 3DS lasted firmware V3.0.0-6 .

R4I GOLD PLUS  support 3DS 3.0.0-6 system running , Please be assured that upgrade 3DS !  ” —

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R4i Gold 3DS has bypassed 3DS 3.0.0-6 directly

R4i Gold 3DS Support 3DS V3.0.0-6 successfully — 22-12-2011

Nintendo 3DS System 3.0.0-6 updated on 21 Dec ,201. R4i Gold 3DS  has been confirmed bypassed 3DS V3.0.0-6 successfully by !

Please note: As long as your 3DS card support 3DS v2.2.0-4, then it will support V3.0.0-6 automatically (You might need to do V2.2.0-4 patch updating for your 3DS card first in some case), for non-3DS card, it will also support V3.0.0-6 directly after doing a DSi V1.43 patch updating..

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R4i-Gold Card support 3DS V3.0.0-5 J

R4i Gold 3DS V3.0.05 Upgrade Firmware Released by

Download: R4i-Gold Upgrade Firmware for 3DS V3.0.0-5 J

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R4i Gold 3DS patch updated to Fix “Loading” Stuck

R4i Gold 3DS Special patch for those red -“Loading” stucked 3DS Cards –19-12-2011

This R4i Gold 3DS Special patch is only designed for those R4i Gold 3DS cards, which got a red text – “Loading” stucked on the bottom screen while click on “DORASU” icon, not for any other batch of cards

How to fix the R4i Gold 3DS patch ?

You should get a NDS Lite console (borrow one from others if you don’t have one) and one any other flashcard(called “A” -like R4, TT, AK2, M3 or SupperDS two..), which works properly on NDSL.

Step 1: Download the latest Wood R4 firmware from here and unzip it to the root directory of your tf card;
Step 2: Copy Patch_R4iGold3DS_xmas_NDSL.nds to your tf card;
Step 3: Just power your NDSL on and boot up Patch_R4iGold3DS_xmas_NDSL.nds with “A” card;
Step 4: Take “A” card out of the NDSL;
Step 5: Reinsert your broken R4i Gold 3DS card into the NDSL;
Step 6: Press KEY_A and the updating process will begin;
Step 7: You should keep your NDSL powered on during the updating process;
Step 8: If the result shows Success, it means you have updated your R4i Gold 3DS successfully and this card can work on DSi V1.4.3 and 3DS V2.2.0-4 and V3.0.0-5;

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R4i Gold Firmware Updated – R4 Wood V1.42

Wood R4 V1.42 Update on 13th Dec,2011

Wood R4 Firmware update to V1.42 only for R4i Gold Cards from (for R4i Gold 3DS and R4i Gold Non-3DS Card) .Other R4i Gold cards, due to different hardware, can not use the Wood R4i Gold firmware (including the R4i Gold v2, etc).

Change Log (Wood R4 V1.42)

– last launched rom selected after restart

– ‘petz fantasy – moonlight magic (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘petz fantasy – sunshine magic (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘power pro kun pocket 14 (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘smurfs, the (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘beyblade – metal masters – nightmare rex (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘usavich – game no jikan (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘metal max 2 – reloaded (japan)’ fixed.

Download: Wood R4 V1.42 Download


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Two new R4i Gold Card released by released two new R4i Gold Cards : R4i Gold RTS Card and R4i Gold PRO Card

R4i Gold PRO Main Feature

  • Support Nintendo 3DS V3.0.0-5 and DSi V1.4.3
  • Dual-core
  • Firmware upgrade permanet support
  • For The latest console
  • Support sdhc tf card
  • Built-in Multiple language

R4i Gold RTS Main Feature

  • Support Nintendo 3DS V2.2.0-4 and DSi v1.4.3
  • Original date reading and writing technology .Direct data transmission between RTS Card and computer,no card reader required ,plug and play
  • Support real time save and real time game guide
  • support two game engines
  • support soft reset

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