R4i Gold Card

There are many R4i Gold Card in the Market , but some studies have suggested that certain types of these cards have high failure rates. The R4i Golds from , defeated all competitors in the industry and became an outstanding ones.

R4i Gold 3DS
R4i Gold V2.0
R4i Gold Plus
R4i-Gold Card

R4i Gold 3DS- R4i Gold card from

R4i Gold 3DS Card is created by .It’s a upgrade version of R4i Gold V1.4.1. The R4i Gold 3DS is the first R4i Card that run DS Homebrew on 3DS system in the world . Due to own high quality , high compatiblity and R4i software updating frequently , R4i Gold 3DS become the one of most popular R4 Card in the market . R4i Gold 3DS has the official support from R4 Wood Firmware.So some player called it as Wood R4i Gold .

R4i Gold 3DS support Nintendo 3DS , DSi /XL /LL V1.4.3 ,DS Lite and DS .

R4i Gold 3DS old Package

R4i Gold 3DS new Package have replayed former R4i Gold 3DS Package since 28 June,2011

R4i Gold V2.0

R4i Gold V2.0 is the first R4i Card after Older R4i Gold team split into and at the early 2010. R4i Gold is also seeking more cooperation from AKAIO kernel. That means R4i Gold V2.0 can support AKAIO Firmware . The R4i Gold is the one of early support DSi V1.4.1 system .But the R4i Gold V2.0 card don’t sell as good as the manufacturers thought because of technical limitations, Even later, this card have been discontinued for a long time .

R4i Gold just support 3DS V2.1 system and DSi /XL/LL 1.43 system.

R4i Gold Plus –

R4i Gold Plus is released by on 30th ,Aug,2011.R4i Gold is a world’s first R4i Card that renew R4i Gold software by firmware writer and get far away Nintendo System block erro . meanwhile it Support WIFI online Card software . R4i Gold plus support 3DS V2.1 system and DSi /XL/LL 1.43 system. Team spend a lot time and energy to update the software and hardware , special the hardware, a high-density chip is used to speed up the game running speed. The compatibility of R4i Gold Plus has been greatly improved. It can support all old and latest Nintendo DS games, game loading speed is faster than former . release two version of R4i Gold Plus :Deluxe Edition (comes with seperate card reader) and Simple Package Edition (no seperate card reader included).

R4i Gold Deluxe Edition pictures view

R4i-Gold from

At present, R4i-Gold Card have a small share in the golb R4i Card ‘market. lower than R4i Gold 3DS Card.


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