R4i Gold History

Refer to R4i Gold development History , here ,I have to write a brief review of R4 card development history.

R4 History quicky review

The original R4 card was released in early 2007 . The R4 Card is a second generation flash card designed specially for Nintendo ds concolse.  It had an enormous success in 2007 and 2008; it was by far the most popular card at this time , due to their as following :

  • Flush fitting slot 1 card ,adopt spring memory slot
  • Supports Action Replay cheat
  • Supports auto-DLDI patching
  • Supports the Wi-Fi connection and Download Play.
  • Support Moonshell media player

But good times don’t last long , The R4 has been banned from sale, due to its promotion of illegal software piracy. In mid 2008, the original R4DS Team stopped production. However, many manufacturers are now using the name “R4” to sell their product …even though very few R4 clones are actually clones of the R4—most are clones of the DSTTi or Acekard 2i…

R4i Gold History

The R4i Gold is more sucessful “R4 Clone “, It was issued in early 2009 . The R4i Gold is one of the more popular of the “R4 clones”. It is compatible with the DS, DSi, and the DSi XL. The R4i Gold is usually packaged in a distinctive gold box while the chip itself features gold color components which easily differentiate it from the original red R4i and original green R4 DS chips.

Due to the R4i Gold has more powerful ,faster loading , stable of runing game, user-friendly features and excellent game compatibility, It got huge popular in America and Europe in late 2009 and early 2011

R4i Gold early support for the new DSi v1.4 firmware meaning there was no need for the end user to manually update the card’s own firmware.

R4i Gold Team Broke up

R4i Gold team split into and at the early 2010. Both of them still succeed the Gold Package. At first sight, their packge seem no different, But the marked “V2.0” in place of “Gold” on the package as the outstanding characteristics . so the R4i Gold Card from was called “R4i Gold V2.0 “ .


Besides, you can find other difference as following pictures shows:




r4i-gold_compare_04.jpg has the official support from Yellow Wood Goblin, meaning R4i Gold ( can also run Wood Firmware. Meanwhile , is also seeking more cooperation from AKAIO kernel.

The R4i Gold was also the very first ds flash card that added support for DS homebrew games and applications for the new Nintendo 3DS system. released R4i Gold 3DS Card at April ,2011 .On the other sides ,the update R4i Gold V2.0 for 3DS.  An enhanced R4iDS card – R4i GOLD PLUS from was released into market ever since Aug 30th, 2011. Its firmware writer can renew R4I GOLD PLUS firmware and gets free from system block error.

They allow 3DS owners to store and load DS homebrew games and applications on the Nintendo 3DS. It does only work in DS mode on the Nintendo 3DS, but work is underway to make it a full fledged 3DS card, allowing the future 3DS homebrew games and applications to be developed and released.

Recently , R4i Gold 3DS from was the very first DSi flash card that compatible with DSi V1.4.3 . R4i Gold Plus also support Nintendo 3DS ,DSi /XL  V1.4.3 .


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