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My DS Console can’t find the R4 Card , How to do ?

Genreally Speaking , it is caused by the dirtiness of the golden connection part. Solution: Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or use an eraser to gently wipe the golden connection part.

In addition: For the moist air or the accumulation of dust in the air, long time exposed in the air, the problem that the oxidation or the dust accumulation of the golden connection part may occur, which may result in the poor contact so that the DS console cannot find the card. Clean then.

The contrast picture of the clean and the dusty golden connection parts:

The dusty golden connection part The clean golden connection part

R4i Gold Plus Download

R4i Gold Plus Kernel V2.4 2012-2-17

1、The problem that cheats of some games are still invalid after opened is fixed
2、The system halted problem of the second engine’s soft reset is fixed..

Note: The increase in real-time feature requires firmware 1.5 or higher with use.

R4i Gold Plus Kernel V2.4

R4i Gold Plus firmware V1.6 2012-2-17

The problem of the DS console’s not recognizing Kingston 2G TF card is fixed.
R4i Gold Plus Firmware v1.5 –deluxe edition

R4i Gold Plus Firmware v1.6–standard edition


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